>> virtual reality avatar

Put on your VR headset and customize your body.

Start your new life in a futuristic cyber world.

>> multiplayer raids

Team up with your friends and go on a raid.

Acquire money, equipment and fame.

>> leave your mark in Sanity City!

Explore the urban canyons of your hood in Sanity City.

Browse stores of all kinds along the streets.

Do business with smugglers and gunrunners.

Find the next client who will send you on a lucrative mission.

Assemble a team and make sure everyone comes back alive.

Money is great, but you need street fame to stay in the game...


>> cybernetics

Guns and crime rule the streets in the outer districts of Sanity City.

You've become a raider striving for fame and money.

A mercenary for crime syndicates, shady corporations and anyone else who'll pay you.

State-of-the-art gear is expensive and the only way to survive in this high-tech, cut-throat environment.

You will require all the firepower you can muster, but occasionally sneak and hack your way into buildings.

>> rumors

Someone - something? - is shaking up the established order of the criminal underground.

Prominent teams of raiders are taken out one by one.

Survivors are rare, and they tell incredible stories of a single fighter, lightning fast and seemingly invincible.

You don't believe in fairy tales of losers. Nothing exists that can not be killed.

But what if there is something to the rumors about the H.E.R.O.S. project after all?

That secret gear could give you godlike powers and make you king of the underworld in no time...

>> the late 2030s

Sanity City is the Utopian experiment amidst a world of chaos, a shimmering sign of hope for mankind.

During the "turbulent twenties", a decade of global disorder, this ever growing giga-metropolis was designated as a neutral, supranational zone by the remaining nations of the world.

Governed by a highly advanced AI, this is a place where all people are equal. A place for all people to prosper. And a safe harbor for every sane person fleeing from madness, war and disaster. It is a place where all your past sins are forgiven…

So they say.



>> early access / development version

This is very early development version of the game.
Sanity City is far from being a complete game.
Improvements and new features will be added over time.
You can play Sanity City with or without a VR headset.
Please report bugs and problems in our Discord!



>> devlog

Follow our video devlog on YouTube!

We'll talk about the game in general, show you the progress we make and answer your questions.

Subscribe to the Youtube channel to get notified!

Watch old devlogs here.

>> what we create

In Sanity City you will be part of a living community, populated by your friends and other people around the world. Or you may choose to play alone.

Dangerous missions will finance your hideout, equipment and team. Make sure to bring them back alive, as loosing teammates may hurt your name and fame. Street fame is vital for recruiting mercenaries and getting more lucrative jobs.

You'll explore the deeper truth of the world around you in story driven episodes along the way - what is there to these unbelievable rumors about an invincible fighter?

Join us and help growing Sanity City to a giant metropolis for everybody - it's free!

>> hello world!

We've been developing VR games since 2014. And since then, we've been thinking about a story to tell.

But not just like any story you have heard before. A story, so vivid, vast and mythical you need to live through it yourself.

A story that needed a new medium to get told.

A story for VR.

Come on in and begin your new life...

Big things have small beginnings - Michael Fassbender